Pest, Weed, Aeration & Fertilization

Commercial Pest & Weed Control Services

Lawns of Boulder’s integrated services means you no longer need to look to other companies for pest & weed control. We make it easy and affordable to keep the critters at bay, while keeping weeds from choking the life out of your beautiful commercial lawn. We are state licensed lawn care experts and have got you covered! We will make sure your lawn always stays green, full and most importantly weed-free.

What treat the 3 main types of weeds:

Perennial weeds

Bulbil-producing weeds

Annual weeds

Commercial Lawn Aeration & Fertilization Services

Your commercial lawn needs to be able to breathe and grow. Our aeration services will help break up dense clay so root systems have room to form and absorb as much moisture as possible. Accompanied by our Fertilization services, we can ensure that your lawn is getting plenty of the nutrients it needs to shine. Commercial turf grass is a big investment, protect that investment with our Aeration & Fertilization Services.

What are the Benefits of our Aeration & Fertilization Services

thick, lush and healthy Lawns

Vibrant Color

Weed Free

Beautiful Through All Seasons

Disease Resistant